Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm just gonna do it!

I typed this post Oct. 6 and never published it. Today is Nov. 6. How funny, I've been questioning it for a month. Geez! INSECURITY! Satan said..."Angie, come on, really...WHO CARES!?" Today I'm posting it because I say, "Hey Satan, I CARE!" So here it is.

Now I'm sitting down to type another "note" to my invisible audience of none or one or bunches. I'll post it as soon as I finish. :)

Here is the old, never published post...

OK...this is the deal. Off with the masks, away with pretenses. If I'm gonna do this, I'm going to be REAL! Do what? First and foremost, share what God teaches me. And then in doing that share how I feel as a woman, a wife, a mama, a friend...about all that I'm learning as I live. I want to be able to share with you the normal junk that everyone deals with but sometimes we're not so comfortable putting it out there. Only by God's grace and with the power of the Holy Spirit do I put His Word into action in my life. I am far from perfect and just like you I get hurt, mad, lonely, insecure, afraid, excited, selfish, nervous, proud, fulfilled, happy, discouraged & jealous. How cool would it be if by honestly sharing my journey you were more at ease knowing someone else feels just like you! I never want to offend anyone with my attempt to be completely honest. I apologize up front if that happens. Know, my intentions are sincere. I only want you to realize that you aren't alone. We're all on this journey so why not encourage each other along the way? I'm going to type this out just as if we were talking face to face. Hey,we might even develop a relationship! :) I give you my word that I will be completely honest, even when I find out I'm in the wrong. So...let's do this thing!

Hope some sweet person out there benefits. :)