Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspired Inspiration...

Over the years journaling has become a safe place for me to physically write out my hurt, frustration, whining, confusion, praise, joy, & flat out raw anger. My prayer concerns and thanksgivings also find their way to the page. I ask God questions. I thank Him. I praise Him. I complain (probably more than I'm willing to admit) and I just let it pour right on out on the paper--no matter what it is. The good, the bad and the ugly. As a thought comes to my mind, right on the paper it falls.

One particular day I was busy at it and something different happened. Instead of my writing being thoughts that were originating in my head it was like I was hearing them. I began to put them down as they came to me and it was as if I was taking down dictation. I wrote as quickly as I could. Several minutes later, it stopped. Done. Silence. I haven't ever had an experience like that before and I haven't had one since. Even though it was only a few months back...I'd give anything to "hear" again--to hear like that every minute of every day.

Last week I began to think that I needed to share it here with you here. I do so with a certain amount of hesitation because it was such an unusual event. Lots of times when you share special things like this--no one else seems to "get it" the way you felt it. However, as is the case when God is leading me to do something. I have the thought. I almost always initially dismiss it because it is usually something I don't want to do right away. When I finally have the same thought over and over and nothing new comes to me I decide God's waiting on me to realize that I need to obey Him on that "step" before He gives me the next step to take.

So, maybe there is something in what follows that will encourage you in your journey. Yours isn't going to be what mine is, nor mine what yours is--but, you DO have a God given journey ahead. As you take steps of faith, as you walk in obedience, as you prepare...know this:

Persecution will come. Be ready for it. Recognize it for what it is--persecution. Proceed as though it did not happen. Check yourself against the Word. That is the only voice you should pay attention to. You may be surprised at the mouths from which persecution comes. Fear not. Proceed. Sit your heart in My hands to be guarded. Keep your emotions in check. Attacks will be directed at your weaknesses but your weaknesses are MY strengths. This is MY mission. My goals. Mine to defend. It is not your job to defend against attacks. The battle goes on even now over your head. I am fighting for you now. You will get Satan's attention. Be bold. Don't be deterred. Proceed as if you are running a race to a clearly marked finish line and as if you children's lives are at stake. This is no game. Souls linger in the balance. Your obedience to deliver messages from me will be crucial for the outcome of some soul's eternity. Don't give up. They are all around you--lost souls--blending into your life. Lost is a little word to describe the destiny of those souls. It is vital that you go--without fear. Bold. It won't be easy so you have been prepared. Expect difficulty. Be diligent to pray. Get others to pray for you, with you. My mission is more important that the oxygen you breathe. You don't go alone. God and a host of angels go with you. You aren't fighting for Me, I am fighting for you. Take My Word. It is imperative. It is time. There is no luxury here--only see the souls. There are real flames for lost souls. An eternity of mental and physical anguish awaits. That is why I call it saved. I am saving them from torment. Eternal torment. Your heart has been softened and prepared every day of your life--just for this. What you all think is important in life amounts to nothing. I see Kingdom pictures--you don't. Give them the vision. Kingdom knowledge. Kingdom vision. Kingdom senses. Be ready to feel the burden of the lost souls you are surrounded by. You will know the reason and feeling behind the tears that were shed over Jerusalem before the crucifixion. This isn't pretend or play. Don't forget, I am sending you. Stop questioning worthiness. You aren't worthy in your flesh but I have made you my child and your soul is paid for. It is not a question of worthiness. It is a question of necessity brought on by the immense love I feel for all my people. Why question worthiness? If your worthiness got you this mission then it'd be about you and not me. I love you. I love them. Do you understand love? No. You have no means by which to compare it or comprehend it--but you will. Hold on to ME. Go. I have equipped you. I DO see what lies ahead and I have all the necessary items. Weep over the lost. I want you to feel the necessity of the deliverance of my message. You haven't known "important" before now. Mission-minded. My Kingdom awaits. Listen to me child. I love you. I didn't make a mistake in choosing you for this. Don't forget that. Stay close to Me at all times. Keep refueling on My written Word. Focus on Me. Focus on lost-ness. Stay in Me. I've got this. I've got you. Go. Remember, you aren't going alone. Armies--do you hear me--full out armies go with you, ahead of you, around you, behind you--and your family. It won't be easy--but I've got it all. You are ready. I've got this.

I typed it as it was given and I know it kinda flips and flops around...but, they aren't my words to arrange. I won't try to add anything to that. Even a couple months later it is equally as powerful to me as it was that morning. It's as if He let me write down a pep-talk He had for me. After I finished writing it all down, I knew--somehow--that He wanted someone to read that back to me. I walked it right over to Abby and had her read it out loud to me. I've typed it up and I carry it around with me everywhere. I hope you too are somehow encouraged or awakened by this "inspired inspiration"...

Called & commissioned by God to serve Him through this ministry, I would be honored to come to speak to your group or church. I love to learn more about Jesus and His love and then share His Word with others.

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