Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, this is what He said to me...

Stop digging through the Bible looking for a lesson to teach.  Dig looking for ME!  Help is there for every imaginable situation.  You will grow as you seek Me and lessons will spring forth from your growth.  Watch out for won't be blatant.  It won't be noticeable.  You will need Me to fight, protect, shield, strengthen & encourage you.  My mission for you can't be done in your strength.  You have strength, gifts and talents but they must be carefully wielded by Me--Let me do this.  Stop being so "do" oriented.  Be "surrender" oriented.  Be you with your uniqueness but also you yielded and filled with Me.  You can't live a life that gives glory to God without God.  You need Me for wisdom, strength & love!  Beware of friendship with the world.  My grace is sufficient.  When will people realize My offer is un-matched?  When will you realize what is available for all who believe?  Me and all I bring to the table is yours.  I'm not just salvation.  I'm not just an ever-present help in times of trouble.  Yes, I am those things but I'm also the wisdom you need to make decision, the strength you need to know when NOT to speak and know what to speak when it's time.  I am the grace to offer to those in need and a surplus of love for all you encounter.  After all, it is by that love that others will know you are Mine and likewise then--know Me.  Love is in demand in this world both by those who are aware they need it and by those that are too lost in their circumstances and hurt to be able to identify their problem or seek Me.  They are on the battlefield, in the heat of battle...defeat breathing down their necks.  That is where I am needed--that is where I am!  It is for those souls that I linger.  It is for those souls that I call you.  My spirit within you will draw you to them, teach you what to say and do, and prepare both of you for the encounter when all three of us meet.  Your surrender is necessary.  Your obedience is necessary.  Fix your eyes on Me. 


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