Friday, September 11, 2009

Is there really time...YEP, if it's important!

Life is crazy busy...too busy in fact. When I'm too busy to love on those who mean so much to me then it is time to re-evaluate. Is re-evaluating something everyone does? Or just women? Or is that something only crazy people do? I think I psychoanalyze everything! I haven't gotten so bad that I'm giving meaning to the color underwear I put on each day...but it's getting VERY close! (I know you people out there that DO put meaning into your underwear color choice and I so use you as a marker for my level of insanity!)

This is where I sit. I'm learning that without being intentional about what I'll spend my time doing...things will compete for my time and then those things just TAKE it! I think about my individual "time takers" and I decide that not all the "time takers" in my life are BAD things. After further thought...OK, psychoanalyzing :), I have decided that while it may not be a bad "time taker" it also might not be the RIGHT "time taker". In actuality, if it is the right thing, wouldn't I be giving my time to it rather than having my time taken? See, this can get deep.

I love, I mean LOVE studying the Bible, learning some COOL stuff, and then sharing it with anyone brave enough to sit still for me. I have a few friends in my life who are nice enough to host a "get together" in their homes so that I can live out my passion. As I wrote up the lesson this week it began to take a form that snuck up on me and I didn't even see coming. By the way, it is sooooo amazing when Jesus shows me how powerful He really is and how small I really am. Anyway, as I worked what formed for the lesson was so simple in comparison to my grand vision. How appropriate and true to the nature of God. Why try to complicate things Angie, why?

The scripture was out of Ephesians (3:19) and it was about KNOWING the love of Christ. Without writing out the entire lesson, the main point was this. The "know" used in the verse is learning based on experience. What God taught me this week was, He wants each one of us to experience HIS love. The scripture goes on to say that 'love surpasses knowledge" and that means that His love is beyond our comprehsion, BUT, could it also mean that "knowledge" of Christ isn't enough to have a relationship with him? Can we really "know" His love until we experience His love. I can experience something today and even tell you every detail about it and you may have a really good idea about what it was like. However, until you actually experience the exact same thing, you can't KNOW what it is like. Same is true with Jesus. I can have all the knowledge about Christ that my brain can hold but yet not have really felt His love. We can take this a step further. Suppose I try to slather everyone that comes into my company with all my "knowledge" about Christ and all they leave me knowing is words. (Check out 1 John 3:18) Maybe I'm not allowing Jesus to love others through me because I've gotten carried away with "knowledge".

Hmmm...something for me to psychoanalyze. :) You see, my hearts desire is for everyone I know to leave me feeling loved and to know in any way I can communicate it that Jesus has some mad crazy love for us! I want you to know how important you are to much I love you and how WAY much Jesus loves you! So, some of the "time takers" in my life aren't really bad things but am I spending enough time showing YOU some of Christ's love? Today, my answer would have to be no. Am I going to wear some condemnation over that, NO, I'm just going to try to be more aware.

New item on my to-do list--show YOU some Jesus love! Ha, "to-do list" that's kind-of a slap in the face to this entire post! STOP...leave me alone...I'm trying! :)

....and I Love you!

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